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National Wildlife Control Training Program 

Professional wildlife control training programs. Researched based wildlife information for damage prevention and control. 2011-NWCOA.png

Need to get certified? Want more training? We have the best, most complete professional training program on the market. Used by several states for training and certification the NWCTP is the only NWCOA Certified Professional Training Program . Buy the book or sign up for the online training program.

Click here to buy the online training program or the book!

Get the best wildlife control training book available! Newly revised! Guaranteed to make your job easier in the field.

  • 12 core chapters on technical tips for wildlife damage management
  • Physical Safety and Wildlife disease information
  • Best available training and certification program online and in print
  • Procedures for safe, legal, socially acceptable, and effective wildlife damage management
  • 29 chapters with handling and control information for common nuisance wildlife
  • Professional and Legal Information
  • 500 -page printed manual, fully illustrated
  • $49.95 including shipping


Looking for homeowner and non-professional training? Check out our Master Gardener Training program. It is the most complete non-professional training program designed for Master Gardener Volunteers and other land owners

We have the best species control information in the country. Compiled by wildlife biologists, professors of wildlife damage management, and experts from government and private agencies. Complete with biological information and the latest damage prevention and control methods.

For more information on wildlife control, visit The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management